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MMLKT has a desire to bring about social change by empowering the unemployed and out-of-work youth by training them on vocational skills to make them ‘Eduployable’ [Educated +Employable] This endeavor in turn, is aimed at giving a huge boost to the up scaling economy of the nation by making available, much-needed skilled manpower to the job market.

The organization’s core goal has evolved over these years to make self-sufficient, the youth from smaller cities and towns of India who may have completed basic education, but have limited or no skills to make them employable. Many of these boys and girls are forced to seek employment in the larger towns and cities far from their families and support systems and often in unorganized sectors where there is no growth in career or salaries. MMLKT is also a partner organization, through Sector Skill Councils, of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), under Min. of Finance, Govt. of India and is committed to work towards entry level skill development across the country hereby bridging the existing skill gaps across Industries.

At MMLKT, we believe that it is only with the combined energies of government agencies, industry bodies, business houses, and entrepreneurs that skills development initiatives can get the much needed focus and investments to achieve a national level impact.

To drive joint ventures and public-private partnerships (PPP) in the vocational training space, MMLKT Skill Development has been conceptualized as a strategic investment arm of the group. The organization focuses on creating innovative partnership models with different entities to mobilize resources and investments required to promote skill development.

  • MMLKT Skill Training Partner Plan

  • MMLKT is setting up a network of skill development centers across the country. Each such vocational training centre needs to have a localized flavor and choice of skills to be trained. We bring into play our expertise in training students and trainers, assessments, technology and a strong brand when you join as skill training partners. We assist you each step of the way, from choosing the location, planning the courses to be delivered, developing the infrastructure, hiring trainers and developing your faculty, acquiring a steady student base, and building your centre’s brand.

    MMLKT invites industries / educational institutions / training organizations / corporate to become skill training partners for setting up vocational training institutes.

  • Objectives of Training Program

  • The objective of our training program is to provide quality learning experience, including interaction with personnel from various telecom service providers and equipment manufacturers to provide a realistic view of the telecom operations. We look forward to bridge the knowledge gap that currently exists in the education system.

    MMLKT provides an opportunity to enable Graduate engineers/Diploma engineers/ITI to update them through classroom learning as well as hands on experience, thus providing a launch pad to those who look forward to a career in the telecom industry.

    We assist the companies at all stages of the content creating and implementation process. Leverage of knowledge database within the organization or meet a deadline, we can creatively plan the process through our talented and knowledgeable consultants. With telecom service providers expanding their operations and entry of new service providers in the industry has resulted in an imbalance in the demand and supply of telecom professional. MMLKT aim is to provide skilled manpower in the industry to bridge the gap between the current Education system and the Telecom Industry.

    MMLKT has a special focus on developing training courses in telecommunication space to offer to fresh graduates and for professionals. The courses are offered in the public domain, each one finalized only after an extensive review by telecom companies. We started operations in the year 2009 and have trained over 5000 Engineers/Riggers/Technician since then. The training programs are designed to secure specific skill sets to enhance the employment opportunities. MMLKT has state-of-the-art class rooms and Lab facilities for hands on experience.

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