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Our solutions can help your business reduce complexity and implement better management and security practice as well optimize capacity utilization.

Genius LED Lights

Genius LED lights solution part of MMLKT India Group . We offers a huge collection of LED products in various categories like GreenLED, Professional Luminaires, Lighting Electronics, Lifestyle modular switches with protective technology, Home Decorative Lighting collection, etc. All of these products are made with most advanced and innovative technology, and hence they are known to enhance the quality of consumer’s professional as well as personal lives.

    Genius LED lights is a smart innovation in the future of lighting.

    Bulbs with Advanced technology, energy efficiency and durability put Genius LED lights years ahead, giving it a clear edge in today’s market.

    We developed specially to optimize their output, outshining many other lights in the market. Genius LED lights are superior quality lights products, priced fairly. Simplicity matters a lot, when the new LED technology confuses people for selecting the right one based on their different needs. Genius lights facilitates users to calculate number of LED lights and total Lumens or watts required as per the type and size of the room using its Light requirement calculator also they can easily calculate energy saving within a click using energy usage calculator. These important aspects help potential customers in finding the exactly right LED Lighting solutions.

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