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MMLKT has successfully complied with all the requirement of FI project. It has secured approval of the competent authority for facilitating banking services across the nation.

MMLKT has appointed BC’s for banking services and is successfully implementing banking services like Account Opening, Loan, Recurring Deposit, Remittance, Saving etc. Now we are working urban FI and rural FI with some nationalized bank in Gujarat and Delhi. MMLKT will endeavor to achieve maximum numbers so that Indian citizens may avail benefits in accordance with policies of the RBI.

The objective of Financial Inclusion is to extend financial services to the large un-served population of the country to unlock its growth potential. In addition, it strives towards a more inclusive growth by making financing available to the poor in particular.

  • (a) Business Correspondent Model:

  • With the objective of ensuring greater financial inclusion and increasing the outreach of the banking sector, banks were permitted by RBI in 2006 to use the services of intermediaries in providing financial and banking services through the use of Business Facilitators (BFs) and Business Correspondents (BCs).

  • (b) Setting up of Ultra Small Branches (USBs):

  • Considering the need for close supervision and mentoring of the Business Correspondent Agents (BCAs) by the respective banks and to ensure that a range of banking services are available to the residents of such villages, Ultra Small Branches (USBs) are being set up in all villages covered through BCAs under Financial Inclusion.

  • (c) Banking Facilities in Unbanked Blocks:

  • MMLKT already has Pan India presence of its infrastructure and it is proving very helpful in extending network for FI project. Existing infrastructure and past performance of MMLKT provides enough confidence with its sound financial structure to support any initiative to meet challenges in future.

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