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E Governance

Rapid growth in the utilization of ICT has changed the way the Government works. The revolution in information and communication technologies is changing the way the Government interacts with citizens and business entities. E-governance, which signifies the employment of information and communication technologies to transform the Government, is imperative to provide efficient, convenient and transparent services to citizens as well as business entities.

Governments across the globe are turning to IT as they seek to drive all the governing systems and public services towards getting into more efficient, transparent and people-centric mode. MMLKT offers large range of services, solutions and products that are geared towards achieving this. Our domain experience in this sector has led us to forge partnerships with government agencies both at the state and local levels.

Our prime focus area is offering IT based end-to-end services localized for all the government applications in India. Our e-Gov teams have been instrumental in setting up of procedures for porting of all the transactions from manual to electronic mode, design, development and implementation of various applications on Smart Card technology integrated with biometric solutions, delivery of various services for the Government of India and also played a major role in the implementation of various applications of the states.

As part of our initiatives, we have ventured into delivering products and services based on biometric technology. Some of our teams are dedicated to work completely on biometric solutions for e-government applications. This is to support the public sector applications in improving the security, maintain accuracy in de-duplication and have result oriented programs for the people. These applications are beneficial to all the public sector applications and the database can be effectively used by the government agencies for many of their services focusing development.

Our solutions for Health Insurance and Automation also stand test of field and were run in various states. Our deliverables include and not limited to on-field services like enrolment, data collection and digitization, Data De-duplication, Maintenance of Data Centre, Kiosk management, Transaction handling and reporting.

Our primary focus has been delivering services based on smart card technology in all the biometric procedures like IRIS based, finger print based and biographic face identification technologies. We also partnered with identities possessing the best available technology in the world to deliver our services in these areas.

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